My side business










Soupnancy/ Nancy Hinton

A registered company to cover miscellaneous culinary jobs I do on the sideline.

  • Chef de cuisine
  • Private catering
  • Culinary Writing, editing, translation
  • Consulting, R&D, cooking classes

*Now at Les Jardins Sauvages pretty much full time, such sideline activities are at a minimum.






  • Catering

    Quebec Regional market cuisine. Creative, fresh, flavour forward food, with sustainable sourcing.

    Hors d'oeuvres for an extra-ordinary 5à7, a cocktail dinatoire for a group or host a tasting menu in your own home.  The menu is custom designed to suit your purpose.  The key is top notch ingredients and real cooking.  No shortcuts here! Between 30$ and 100$ per person. 

    Please note:  I am less available nowadays, especially on weekends, as I am at Les Jardins Sauvages.

  • Sample menus

    Previously catered events and Sample Menu files to download or view.