Épiceries fines

Olives et épices (Jean Talon Market, new wing, specialty aisle)

De Vienne's store specializes in spices and olive oils. Find the freshest spices, or ready made mixes, intriguing kitchen implements, this store is a true source of inspiration.

Prince Noir (Jean Talon Market, specialty aisle)

A one stop bucher shop for good local and high quality meat.

Havre aux glaces 514-278-8696– all kinds of iced treats.  They now have their own maple grove and syrup, so their maple sorbet is a seasonal gem worth checking out; the burnt caramel ice cream is also a hit, so they say.

Balkani (right in front of Les Jardins Sauvages)– best old fashioned ham, pierogies

Ferme Nord-Est (Jean Talon Market, new wing, specialty aisle)

Organic meat (beef, pork, guinea hen, duck..) from a family farm in Mont Laurier. They even make charcuterie without nitrites with some celery derivative.

Yannick Achim, Fromager Marchand

Fromagerie du Marche in St-Jérome, 450-436-8469 or Fromagerie d'exception Yannick in Outremont (1218 Bernard, 514-279-9376) or in DDO (11690 boul Salaberry, 514-421-9944)

St-Jerome is a little far to go for cheese, but now Yannick, maitre fromager, has opened shop on Laurier and on the West Island. A very select assortment of fine cheeses both local and from Europe(alot of Spanish, and from the Alps). His staff is passionate and knowledgable, and his cheese properly cared for, impeccable.

Qui lait cru (Jean Talon Market, new wing), 7070 Henri Julien, 514-272-0300

For cheese when at the Jean Talon Market, good overall selection...

Chez Nino 192 Place du Marché Nord at Jean Talon Market, 514-277-8902

For the hard to find ingredients off season, wild mushrooms, herbs, microgreens from Daignault, etc..

Douceurs du Marché (Atwater market)

The go to location for dry ingredients you can't find elsewhere. A wide variety of specialty oils and vinegars, pasta, grains, chocolate, you name it. The focus is on imports, not local however.

Ahkavan on Sherbrooke O.

Maybe because it's right around the corner from my place, but this is a great place for rice, grains, phyllo, nuts and dried fruit, even to do a mini-grocery, and the meat is halal good.  They don't necessarily favour local fruit and veg though - bad!

Marché Adonis on Sauvé, near Acadie

An overwhelming Greek market, a great source for fruit and veg, nuts, Middle eastern ingredients, if you're up for the crowd.

Milano on St-Laurent in Little Italy

For a wide selection of Italian (and other) ingredients, from run of the mill to high end.

La Vieille Europe on St-Laurent: for specialty items(imported), cheese, chocolate...

Marché Hawaii in Ville St-Laurent on the 117

A super store for all things Asian.

Thai hour on St-Denis and Jean Talon: an Asian épicerie with often fresh hard to find ingredients

Slovenia on St-Laurent: the butcher to go to for anything special

Queue de Cochon on St-Hubert: the king of charcuterie

Les Cochons tous ronds at Jean Talon Market for their artisanal dry ham, salt pork and chorizo..

Les délires du terroir (for their microbrew selection) on St-Hubert

This store is new, and sells only Québec made products, with the focus on beer. Find local microbrew bottlings you can't find anywhere else.

Maison du Roti on Mont-Royal E.: Best value selection for meat.

Le Maitre Boucher on Monkland

If you live in NDG, this is the best butcher for French cuts, and place to go for specialty items .

E College Y - The Real Green Grocer 4657 Wilson, 514-486-2247

Everything organic, home delivery service too. http.www.ecollegey.com

Mycoboutique  820 Rachel E., 514-223-6977, www.mycoboutique.ca

A store with a wild mushroom theme:  some fresh and dried mushrooms and mushroom products for sale, but mostly books, posters, and mushroom knickknacks - fun stuff.




Kitchen Stores and other

Quincallerie Danté on Danté (corner St- Laurent)  6851 St-Dominique, 514-271-2057 

The most charming, cramped little kitchen store (cum hunting arms shop)..

Ares on the Trans Can West www.arescuisine.com

This kitchen and baking supplies store has a vast array of beautiful and useful stuff. Not necessarily the cheapest place to buy basic things like bowls or hotel pans, but for the nice things, this is the place.. Think All-Clads and Creuset.. stylish everything from tea pots, decantors, and scales to kitchen utensils. They have opened a new location in Laval that is apparently even bigger and better.

Tzanet  9600 Acadie, 514-383--0030  A typical restaurant supply store (a mess), but bargains to be found..

Monas  4565 Parc ave., 514-842-1421, www.monas-equip.com  A more organized version of a restaurant supply store, fewer bargains.

Pascal   1040 Bleury, 514-875-8550  A great place to root around for kitchen supplies, commercial or for home..

Arthur Quentin   3960 St-Denis, 514-843-7513 

A fancy pants store for a special treat (beautiful things for the home). 


Bon Appetit Cookbooks

An English all cookbook store - heaven!

388 Victoria Avenue, Westmount  www.BonAppetitCookbooks.com,  (phone) 514-369-2002


For Produce: Who to look for at the farmers' markets

First of all, the main thing is to choose producers (actual farmers) as opposed to merchants/distributors when at the market..  If you don't live near a market, join a CSA.. 

Christian Alary: Serre & Jardin RGCA s.e.n.c. (Jean Talon Market), from Ste-Anne des Plaines, 450-478-3509: cauliflower, brocoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, artichokes

François & Gilles Desnoyers in Saint Damase (Jean Talon Market #198-199, 234) 450-797-3809: Hot peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, corn, onions, beans

Birri (Jean Talon Market), 7075-A Casgrain, 514-276-3202: For specialty veg. and greens, heirloom varieties of tomato, eggplant, squash...

For Tomatoes:

For Herbs:

For Corn:

For eggs:

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For root veg: