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Moving on from Mac: my new Kikuichi

I just finished my first week end with my new partner, he's pretty cool. Actually, he’s definitely more of a she.  I have yet to see whether this Kikuichi will replace my beloved Mac whom I miss terribly. He just disappeared one day, I don’t understand.  I waited a month before looking for a replacement; now, I’m ready to move on.
She feels good in my hand and is sharp as all get out, but is perhaps a touch delicate for a brute like me. She seems less versatile too, more of a slicer than a chopper.  I’m not sure she's cut out to be my number one.  You see, I am not the sort of gadget girl who is reaching into my knife kit everytime I change tasks; I like a knife that I don’t have to put down much, that isn’t too fussy, that I can use for almost everything, that feels natural like an extension of my arm.  So understandably, I take this relationship seriously, get pretty attached to my right hand man (or whatever), my partner in life.
We'll give it a go with the Kikuichi, but she'll probably need help eventually and I'll have to go back to the boys. Not necessarily European, but I’m always looking for the perfect mix, kind of like Mac.  I love so many Japanese blades, but they all have unwieldy long handles I don't dig, not to mention that they are often not tough enough, high maintenance, too girly.
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