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Spring on the plate


How nice it is to have signs of spring in the air and on the plate!

Day lily sprouts are perfectly ripe; there is a little dandelion, some cat’s tongue and dog’s tooth, a sprinkling of live-forever and spring beauty..  Enough to add colour, crunch and lively spring flavour to our dishes.  François needs his boot suit to cross the river, but at least he’s there.  After all, we are a couple of weeks early for all this excitement.  Crossing the river was the feat this week; he only brought back one ramp and one miniature fiddlehead..  Still, that means that ‘real spring’ is not far off, after which there will be a steady stream of local wild edibles.



Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 03:15AM by Registered CommenterNancy Hinton | Comments1 Comment

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Wow! Oregon is seeing the varieties you spoke of, in full effect. Our morels are still soggy from the Spring rain, but hey, they're here. Ramps and nettle are bursting at the opportunity for sunlight!
Pea tendrils and collard raab, spring onions and baby turnips too! How amazing is this season??!
May your Spring be filled with goodness and creation on your "Wild Eden", your savage garden. And may Francois bring you, and your customers, many bushells of happy eating. - Jonathon
April 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjonathon strand

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