This year, our wild mushroom event 2017 at Les Jardins Sauvages will take place from October 14th to November 4th.

On Reservation only: Friday and Saturday night at 7pm, Sunday lunch at 1pm.

An eight course tasting menu featuring 25+ kinds of wild mushrooms, from appetizer to dessert. 125$ tax included, service extra. Cash or cheque only, no credit or debit. Bring your own wine, beer or Porto.  The menu is posted below and on our website.

We are 45 minutes NE of Montreal on Route 341 (15 minutes from the 40). For more information, you can visit the website or call the restaurant. To reserve, please telephone 450-588-5125.

For an overview of La Table and what we do, view these two slideshows:

La Table des Jardins Sauvages  

Ma Cuisine  


Wild mushroom menu 2017

15th edition: October 14th to November 4th

Duck and rabbit terrine with Shaggy Mane, Black Trumpet mushroom and long pepper, Delicious Lactarious cloudberry chutney, Chocolate Milk Cap jelly, King Bolete bread       

Chopped Salad with Scaly Vase and Common Chanterelles, Smoked Hen of the Woods, apple, celery and squash, wild mustard leaf and Parasol Mushroom cheese, King Caesar’s Mushroom nut crumble

Chicken Mushroom corn broth, Morel flan, Pig’s Ear Chanterelle and Graylings

 Lobster mushroom curry, Matsutake sesame rice, Autumn Oyster Mushroom tempura, spicy Swollen-Stalked Cat pickle

 Local venison duo : roasted and braised with Wild Honey Mushroom Stroganoff sauce, root vegetable pave with Giant Puffball, lambs’ quarters, Man on Horseback and Sticky Gray Trich, Hedgehogs and Comb Tooth

 Larch Bolete and cider granité

 Wild mushroom cookie plate: Aspen Scaber Stalk shortbread, Meadow Mushroom chocolate chip, Orange-Capped Bolete desert rose

Maple-Scented Lactarious Dacquoise with Red-Mouthed Bolete Sabayon, Slippery Jack poached pear, mushroom caramel and candied Yellowfoot Chanterelles

Wild mushroom coffee

House Tisane or Wild Soda (5$ supplement)


Bring your own wine


125$ including tax, tip extra

(108.72 + 5.44TPS + 10.84TVQ)


Your chef : Nancy Hinton

Your host and forager: François Brouillard

Celebrating 30 years in the wild foods business!