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My Kitchen Haikus

Kitchen Haikus, and why not?



Here are mine:


Happy meal

Visit a farmer,

Go out foraging the woods,

Make a ‘happy meal’


The seasons

Take in the seasons,

Hop on the roller coaster,

Feel, see, and breathe God



Eggplant, tomatoes,

Squash, garlic and TLC,

Alas, Ratatouille


The best things in life

Good food and fine wine,

Best friends and a blazing fire,

Ain’t nothing better


The kitchen dance

Feel the heat, chop-chop,

Cook your best, dance, sink or swim,

Cheers with beers, laugh, cry



A roasted turkey,

Mashed potatoes and stuffing,

Thanksgiving, comfort.


Mother Nature is a riot

Sunshine and flowers,

Storms, magic mushrooms and bugs,

Marvellous nature


Our senses tell us all we need to know

Salty, Sweet, Tart, Bitter,

Savoury, Spicy, Filling,

Necessary, Food is life.




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