Cafés and Quick Bites



Cantine, 212 Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, 514-750-9800,

Quebec inspired quality lunch fare in a small café setting, fair-trade coffee and quality stuff to buy too.  Inspired, tasty food.  Many say it's the greatest brunch spot, and it's a great café, but they do alot more than brunch and coffee, passion everywhere.

Santropol on St-Urbain

They put too much stuff in their sandwiches for my taste, but this place found its place close to heart in university 20+ yrs ago, when I was so impressed with the fresh fruit garnishes and artsy feel of the place. I stillenjoy the spirit of the place, the terrasse,and they were the first to sell fair-trade coffee in Montreal, and continue to play an important role in the community. For that alone, they deserve our support.

Shaika on Sherbrooke O. in front of NDG park

Great, dynamic coffee spot where the coffee is fair trade, and care is put into the food (sandwiches) and decor (local art..) Laptops abound, but the mood is calm and there is a very communtiy feel to the place, with people of all ages and backgrounds:students, professionals, new moms... all the people living in your neigborhood.  Occasional vernissages and band nights.

Laika on St-Laurent

When I want to escape my neighborhood with a few magazines or some writing, and hang out alone undisturbed, I like this cool place. You can have an espresso or a beer, some guac or a baguette, or a daily special, really not bad. A touch grungy, but I like the vibe.

Olive et Gourmando on Notre Dame

Great bread, good coffee, good everything. A great place for lunch or a snack, but get there early, they always sell out of everything.

Le Cartet on McGill

Great concept: café meets épicerie, with good food, Illy coffee, Valrhona chocolate. Big communal tables, lots ofquality ready-made food, soups, sandwiches, cheese plates, plus a small ala carte at lunch time. Lots of gourmet goodies on the shelves to lookat.



Quick Bites (Lunch or Dinner informal):

Pho Bang New York on St-Laurent near Viger

For the oh so yummy tonkinese soup.

La Paryse on Ontario E.

For the wide selection of tasty burgers.

Frites Alors several outlets on the Plateau

For some good grease in the form of a dressed up burger or merguez sub, poutine, or just fries and your choice of seasoned mayo.

Cluny Artbar in Old Montreal, for lunch.

Titanic in Old Montreal, for the sandwiches.

Foumagerie on Sherbrooke St. O.

For their sandwiches if you like a crusty baguette. I love the carpaccio or the proscuitto with Parm. They squeeze lots of fresh lemon inside, delish. You have to request the butter though, it is Westmount after all. Also a good cheese selection.

Le Fromentier on Laurier E.

Great bread. A vast array of interresting take-out.

Pasta Casarecchia on Sherbrooke St. O.

Good simple Italian take-out.

Bofinger on Sherbrooke O. (and Oxford)

Tasty smokehouse BBQ meats in NDG. Terrific wings and pulled pork.

Rotisserie Italienne on St-Catherines O.

This place and I go back along way, so it is comfort food. The offerings are standard Italian, very simple, and never change.Good fast food is what it is, butvery satisfying.

Dad's Bagel on Sherbrooke O.

For the Indian take-out, samosasand late-night staple shopping.

Pushap 5195 Paré, 514-495-0565

Good for the pricevegetarian Indian fare in Cote des Neiges.

Bombay Mahal ion Jean Talon O. in Park EX.

Authentic Indian on the cheap..

Pret à Manger on St-Catherine's near the old Forum for GREAT CHINESE

The name is misleading because this is great value delicious REAL Chinese fare, with everything from the ordinary (wonton soup, springrolls and Black bean beef) to the exotic and interesting, with a wide variety ofmeat,seafood, vegetable and noodle dishes, hot pots and platters. The clientele is largely Chinese, hence theduck claws, eels and shark-fin soup.

Keung Kee  70 La Gauchetiere second floor, China town

When a Chinatown fix is in order..

Pho Viet on Côte des Neiges for you guessed it, pho

Thai Son on St-Denis (just below Jean Talon)

Tasty and cheapVietnameseand Chinese, be it a bunornoodles on the go, or a sit-down feast with one of those giant menus.A very friendly and clean family operation, they make me happy.