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Spring snapshots

Spring has sprung.  These first pictures are from last week.  François worked hard to collect the first ten pounds of fiddleheads (seen below), out in his canoe, wearing his rubber boot - body suit.  Just a few days later, it's an altogether different story, as the weather wants to jump to summer while skipping spring.  The fiddleheads are now out en masse, and eager pickers are following, down on their knees, in full force, working hard on our property.  By next week end, we will hopefully have enough to keep up with the market, where everyone is anxious for something local and green.  The girls are picking greens and flowers too, so more exciting salad mixes are on the horizon.  My kitchen smells green and floral again with the dog's tooth, day lily sprouts and ramp leaves - how invigorating.  All the better as I move into fiddlehead processing mode and swifter business in general - the season is off to a roaring start! 

I will add pictures and notes as the season progresses. 

 first fiddleheads                                     

erythrone, rampsclaytonie de caroline violet

  day lily sprouts live-forever snow crab nordic shrimp candy  

snow crab: worth the work guinea hen, quinoa, asparagus, day lily sprouts shrimp 'sushi salad' with wild greens

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