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The official list of Quebec cheese 


Quebec Cheese makers to seek out above others

This is an important list - a list of the best of Quebec cheese producers -  that use real milk and skill in their cheesemaking.  Take it as the slow food, or just 'real food' list.  Funny eh, but gourmet Quebec cheese has become such an industry that now there is good, better and primo Quebec cheese, and big business has tapped into to the market, wanting a piece of the pie.  Even in some fine cheese shops now, there exists industrial type product that has been artificially modified, pumped up with milk solids and this and that.  This is not always such a horrible thing (think Sauvagine), and certainly better than Kraft product for instance, but still, it’s not the same quality as the farmers’ and artisanal cheeses below, a whole different ball game in hands on work and costs.  Sadly enough, it was these little guys that were the hardest hit in the whole listeriosis crisis thing although none of their cheese made people sick, with cheese seized, publicity scares, and major losses of revenue…

You may have forgotten about it by now, but years later, they are all still trying to come back from that, if they survived at all.  Those that made it through are hanging on by a string, but haven’t given up.  In fact, they are fighting back, and along with their supporters, they might have a chance in proving the government agency to be wrong in walloping their industry on a media frenzy call. They have a case in progress..

In the meantime and always, these poor fromagers deserve to be encouraged.  Please seek out their cheeses, if not for politics, just for tasty cheese.  Despite the obstacles, it is these people that are making the best Quebec cheese, not the big companies cuddled up with govt.


Liste des membres de l’Association des fromagers artisans du Québec

Martin Gilbert, Bergerie du Fjord
Louis Arsenault, Fromagerie des Grondines
Michel Pichet, Fromagerie FX Pichet
Réjean Théroux, Fromagerie La Germaine
Rosalice Boivin Côté, Fromagerie Médard
Caroline Tardif, Ruban Bleu
Suzanne Dufresne, Au Gré des champs
Régis Morency, Aux Pays Des Bleuets
Diane Groleau, Beurrerie du Patrimoine
Aagje Denys et Gary Cooper, Cassis et Mélisse
Isabelle Couturier, Chèvrerie fruit d’une passion
Bernard Major, Ferme Chimo
Charles Boulerice, Ferme Petits Caprices
Eric Proulx, Ferme Tourilli
Gilles Blackburn, Fromagerie Blackburn
Paul Landry, Fromagerie Couland
Hugues Ouelle, Fromagerie des Cantons
Charles Trottier et Guylaine Rivard, Fromagerie des Grondines
Guy Dessureault, Fromagerie Domaine Féodal
Martin Guilbault, Fromagerie du champ à la meule
Stéphane Chiasson, Fromagerie du Pied-de-vent
Jean Morin, Fromagerie du Presbytère
Pierre Bolduc, Fromagerie La Station
Jacob Lehmann, Léa Lehmann et Marie Lehmann, Fromagerie Lehmann
Chantale Fortin, Fromagerie Les Petits Bleuets
Madelaine Boivin et Normand Côté, Fromagerie Médard
Ronald Alary, Fromagiers de la Table Ronde
Hélène Cadieux, La Normandinoise
Stéphane Tremblay, L’Autre Versant
Gérald Brisebois, Les Fromages de l’Erabilière
Christian Vinet, L’Isle aux grues
Fabienne Guitel, Suisse Normande



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