Les Jardins Sauvages at Jean Talon Market

Our stall is located in the specialty aisle facing L’Havre aux Glaces next to the fish counter, Look for a big Mushroom.

Open 7 days a week year round, market hours.

During the peak season (May-October), we have an abundance of fresh wild edible greens, mushrooms, roots, flowers and berries for sale.

The season kicks off with fiddleheads and spring greens in late April and May, moving to lamb's quarters, salsify and milkweed in June, then cattail, sea spinach and sea asparagus in July..  Of course, after that, it is all about mushrooms, offering a wide variety of freshly picked Quebec specimens, through until the snow hits. 

Of course, we always have our line of products (mustards, jams, oils, vinaigrettes and butters, as well as all the dried mushrooms and aromates/herbs).  We have Chaga, wild mushroom teas and our herbal teas. On offer too, an array of other things I've made - frozen and vacuum packed home made dishes.  We have wild mushroom soup and sauce, smoked duck, jerky, confit, foie terrine, braised venison, smoked char, all with a touch of wild.  There are the staple soups that I keep pumping out - stinging nettle and lambs quarters, fiddlehead and bacon, sea spinach and cattail, and then others like the current hit, Champi Thai (a curried coconut mushroom soup), and duck and porcini consommé, or sea lettuce, corn and oyster chowder.  Root vegetable and crinkleroot and squash and wild ginger will be next.  There are pickles and conserves I put up in limited quantities too.  Oh and Mushroom ice cream and candies for a time - all kinds of goodies..  Game wild mushroom tourtiere during holiday season. Now wild soda and Kombucha too!