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New Year's resolutions 2011

Looking ahead to 2011

I'm not one for diets, fasts, cleanses or wagons.  Besides the fact that that drastic measures rarely seem to work, I inherently believe that life should be enjoyed to its fullest with minimum self-imposed punishment.  My motto has always been:  Work hard, play hard; Everything in moderation including moderation.  

That doesn’t mean that a little realigning is not in order after an indulgent holiday season.  I do crave balance most of the time, especially in January when I want a clear head to take stock and optimistically plan for the year before me.  Looking back and thinking ahead, I am reminded of forgotten projects I should attack anew, neglected relationships I want to rekindle, and all the little lifestyle details I could improve upon, bad habits to curb..  I could swap the odd glass of wine for a green tea, a late night for an early morning here and there, exercise more etc.  Little things..  At least I never have to tell myself to eat better.

I do have one real New Year’s resolution though.  To be a nicer boss.  Without compromising my quest for quality and striving for our best (which requires rules, performance and attention to detail), I can surely try to be gentler in my hard ass ways.  Perhaps smile more on the outside when I'm in soupnancy mode, and not save all my pats on the back for the flawless night. 

I know it won’t be easy because I am by nature somewhat of a perfectionist and definitely impatient.  Not to mention that I am forever annoyed by the modern work ethic and norm of issuing compliments for simply completing the barebones job requisites.  No, I don’t want to lower my standards more than I have to. I need to feel proud at the end of the night; all this hard work would not be worth it otherwise.  I will remain demanding, but never more than I am on myself.  Regardless, I will indeed make a real effort to be nicer when I'm cracking the whip, to be slightly softer when I’m mad, disappointed or stressed out. 

I love my job, I love what I do.  I want the people around me to feel the same.  They don’t need a nightmare of a crazy chef, no matter how truly passionate she is.


Good luck and Bon courage with your own new year’s resolutions whatever they are.

Happy New Year!

And finally, a toast I never get sick of:

May all your joys be pure joys,

And all your pain champagne.

Cheers, Santé

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