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Pots and pans

Ok, not food related beyond the pots & pans.. But living in Quebec these days, the massive and persistent ever morphing student revolt has taken over, even in foodie territory.

Personally, I was getting quite tired of the student manifs, but I can’t help but dig all this pot & pan action of late; it’s something else seeing it Quebec wide, tis almost a party..  It would be altogether inspiring and seriously promising if the reasons for the mounting fervour weren’t so jumbled.  The powers that be have no choice but to stop and listen, be attentive and bend toward the people, which is positive.  But!

If only the students would accept the reasonable tuition price hike after a 20+yr freeze c’mon, ie. agree to pay 17% of their higher education, by maybe getting a part-time job or giving up a vacation or Iphone.. Then people like me (quite silent these days) might cease to see them as entitled babies and be proudly behind them 100% in their fight for change on the bigger issues now in the mix..   

There is so much to fix about our system and such a public outcry can do a lot..  Good for them for getting on their feet, and showing us that it is possible.  But better it be a shake up against corruption and how our money is spent, exploitation of resources and environment, or laws that favour the 1% - the banks, big business and foreign interest vs youth, local entrepreneurs, etc. etc.  Pick one or two, anything except minimal tuition fees.  An Occupy style movement with these student leaders might actually be able to do something grand if they could coexist..   

Yes, Fight for your rights, ideology, and change!  All for it.  But no matter what, at some point, you have to accept a few laws for the common good, buckle down and work hard to secure a future.  Yes, work, work your ass off.  Our system, however flawed, is one of privilege, and even if it could work at its best, it would still cost a lot of money, meaning everyone has to do their part.

To finish on an uplifting note nonetheless: this video circulating is more of a romantic take - no window smashing here or political discourse..


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