Eco-friendly Stores in Montreal

La Maison Verte on Sherbrooke O. (Melrose): 5785 Sherbrooke O., Montreal 514-489-8000

A source for eco-friendly soaps, cleaners, clothes and miscellaneous other things. They have fair-trade coffee, assorted local organic products, books and pamphlets on sustainable living, recycled paper. They will also hook you up with a C.S.A. and local producers or point you in the right direction to help you find your local, organic or green solution.

10 Mille Villages on Monkland and on St-Denis,

Fair trade and ethical choices for gifts. From wooden bowls, tablecllothes, candlesticks, scarves, jewelry, hand made decorative items, as well as coffee, teas and chocolate.

La Gaillarde Creation in St-Henri

A clothing store with stylish, original pieces made from used and recycled fabrics and materials. I have a great hat made by them.

Planete Monde on Fairmont: organic fair trade and eco beauty products, shoes, lingerie..

Mountain Equipment Coop on Acadie (8989 Blvd. Acadie, 514-788-5878

The Canadian store for outdoor gear where you will find a wide range of organic cotton clothing, and a portion of your purchase supports wilderness conservation projects.

Atelier scrap 3803 rue Clark, 514-807-4586,

A non-profit eco-design organization in Montreal that makes stylish bags from recycled signs and materials.


Consult the book, 'Ecoholic' by Adria Vasil for comprehensive Canadian eco-shopping, loads of information and numerous links to the good green stuff..