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Disco Soupe Slow Food

I couldn't help but organise a little something - this event called out my name! As Soupnancy, passionate maker of a shitload of soup since forever, lover of disco and Slow Food member since always, plus we're at the market!
So this Saturday April 29th, we're hosting a Disco Soup, which is a world-wide Slow Food event to counter food waste - come celebrate with us at Jean Talon Market! http://www.slowfood.com/network/fr/nos-actions/journee-disco-soupe-mondiale/
We scour the market for #2 veg and less than perfect donations from producers, we make soup to the tunes of disco and serve it up for free; and you can dance if you want to. Donations accepted for Slowfood.
Starting with my 'Toutski sauvage', and a communal soup made on spot with potatoes, celery root, tomatoes, cabbage, stock from Michel's chicken carcasses, lettuces from Chez Nino, our fiddleheads and wild herb pesto..
It is the first day of the open market to boot, should be fun!
When: 1pm to 4pm Saturday April 29th
Where: Jean Talon Market, behind Les Jardins Sauvages between the specialty aisle and the open market

A collaboration of Slowfood LanaudièreSlowfood Montreal, Les Jardins Sauvages and Jean Talon Market.
Donors: Prince Noir, chez Nino, Omer Charbonneau, Alain Darsigny +..
Part of our collect for soup; Legumes moches et carcasses
What is Slowfood? An international grassroots organisation that promotes good, clean and fair food for all. Which means quality and pleasure but with a direct link to producers and care for workers (local, fair trade), heritage and tradition, the environment. http://www.slowfood.com/about-us/
Journée Disco-Soupe Slowfood ce samedi le 29 avril au Marché Jean Talon!
Une soupe communautaire contre le gaspillage alimentaire: On ramasse des légumes 'moches' et dons de cultivateurs et commerçants au marché, on fait de la soupe en écoutant du disco, on invite les gens à manger (et danser si ça vous le dis!) 
Dégustation de soupe gratuit; dons accepté pour Slowfood.
Quand: 13h à 16h samedi le 29 avril
Ou: Marché Jean Talon derrière le kiosque de Jardins Sauvages dans la première allée
Une collaboration Slowfood LanaudièreSlowfood Montréal, avec Jardins Sauvages et le Marché Jean Talon (Donateurs: Prince Noir, chez Nino, Omer Charbonneau, Alain Darsigny, +..).
C'est quoi Slowfood? Une organisme internationale qui promouvoit une alimentation bonne propre et juste - pour le plaisir à la table en lien avec le producteur, la tradition, l'environnement. 
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