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Spring is springing

Spring is sprouting, Fiddleheads not far off

day lily sprouts, terrific gently wilted in butterAfter the false start a couple of weeks ago, it looks like spring is springing right on schedule, if not slightly early still.  The day lily sprouts and young dandelion are at their best; the trout lily, spring beauty, garlic mustard leaf just beginning, live-forever breaking ground as well along with the nettles..  There is wild ginger for the picking, the crinkleroot not far off.  We have the makings of a spring mesclun – fresh, bright flavours, sweet and peppery, green and crunchy!  The first local greens are always so exciting, such a rush, and exactly what the body craves at this time of year.



Claytonie de Caroline

wild ginger

tusselage (colt's foot)orpin (live forever/ stonecrop)

The fiddleheads are about to pop; François has been actively scouting all his patches.  At least, the water is less of an obstacle this year; the thaw having come earlier, the rivers are lower.  Within a week, we will be swimming in fiddlehead madness, François working around the clock picking, washing, weighing, sorting, coordinating it all.  And our Jean Talon stall will be open all week once spring is really rolling.  For another week or two, we’re open on the week ends (Fri-Sun).

Hurray! and Ouf, ‘attaché ta tuque’, another season kicks off and our crazy race/dance with nature ensues with all the annual surprises in store..  

first fiddlehead beauties - hard picking since still underground

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