Food ethics

  • General

    An overview of the different issues with links to help you learn about your food and make better choices.  On choosing local and sustainable, on selecting fish that aren't endangered, on how your beef is raised, etc. 

  • Sustainable Seafood

  • Organics

    Organics 101, what does it mean, why choose organic, sources..

  • Equiterre

    Explaining Community Supported Agriculture, and how it operates in the Montreal area through Equiterre.

  • Slowfood

    All about Slowfood, the worldwide movement that promotes good, old fashioned food and its artisans - everything that is opposite of fast food and industrial agriculture. The mandate is to educate and celebrate quality, good taste, and socially responsible, fair food systems.  They encourage small artisans, eating locally and sustainably, as well as do much work to preserve traditions and biodiversity all while enjoying the good things in life.  

  • Fair trade