Organics 101:

Get organics delivered to your door year round from a farm in St-Sulpice (Lanaudière) for 50$ a year plus a minimum order of 50$.  Here the focus in on organic as opposed to local, but the offerings are diverse: meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, bread, honey, fruit and vegetables...

Another organic store with delivery service in NDG is E College Y - The Real Green Grocer on Wilson.

The Organic Consumers Association's website (New Hampshire) lists a ton of information about organics, news and articles about what's going on in the world of organics, and related food and farming topics.

More organics 101: what, why, how etc.  As well as links to great articles on the subject.

David Suzuki: our national hero when it comes to the environment.  His site offers info on organics as well as on all kinds of environmental issues.  Join his Nature Challenge.

A list of Québec's organic growers by region.